About Me

Vipin Adhlakha is the Founder and President of Aria Diagnostics Clinical Testing Lab, which specializes in highly complex laboratory testing for the medical industry. The company's scope of services range from routine blood chemistry and hematology to specialty molecular and urine toxicology. Testing.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Mr. Adhalakha benefited from an area that featured a diverse ethnic and racial population. Midway through high school, he and his family moved to Indiana, which was a pivotal time in his life. Adhlakha developed a keen interest in the sciences and decided to major in biology at Indiana Univ Bloomington, one of America's leading research universities.

Biology fascinated Vipin because it is a science that incorporates many other sciences, such as genetics, ecology, and microbiology. But it also has many practical applications, such as the study of animal and plant life and harnessing those functions, processes, and habits for the benefit of mankind.

Vipin chose to specialize in genomics (the genetic sequence information of organisms), which led to his current career in clinical molecular diagnostics. This subset of human biology covers the diagnostic testing of molecular biology to uncover the human, viral, genetic, and encoded makeup of organic substances.

Current Role & Duties

Vipin Adhlakha chose to specialize in molecular biology, which is a biology-based life science discipline that combines life biology (from the molecular level to entire ecosystems) with engineering functions such as testing, analyzing, and application. As a founding executive of Aria Diagnostics Clinical Testing Lab, Mr. Adhlakha not only manages the daily practices of the business, but he also helped lay the foundations of the company to make sure all testing and diagnostics adhere to professional and government standards.

Aria is CAP-accredited, CLIA Certified, and ISO-compliant due to the diligence of Adhlakha and his partners working to insure patient safety and maintain high-quality pathology and laboratory services. The company also played a large role during the global COVID-19 pandemic, offering vital public information that placed knowledge over fear, and became an accurate and affordable, same-day testing center for COVID-19 variants including Omicron and Delta.

Academic History

Vipin attended Indiana University Bloomington and received his Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology with a focus on chemistry and Classical Studie in 1998. Hoosier life was an epic adventure for Vipin from the very beginning. Here he gained a network of professional acquaintances through his involvement in many clubs and groups.

Afterward, he went on to study at Purdue University and successfully obtained a Master's in Molecular Biology in 2000. Purdue's Department of Biological Sciences is the largest department in the Life Sciences discipline and is known for its graduate student research. His personal interests and biological investigations led him to develop a keen interest in microbiology and how microbes make a huge difference in everyday life, from climate change to food safety to the understanding and prevention of disease.

After graduate school, Vipin Adhlakha's first professional job was with Agilent Technologies as an Application Engineer for the Genomic Products Division.

Charitable Involvement

Giving back has always been an important part of Vipin's life, as instilled in him by his parents. For 3 summers, he was a trainer and counselor at a STEM camp for underprivileged high school students. He is proud to have shared his interests and passion for biology with urban-living minority groups, who may not know the many professional and exciting avenues that are offered through the study of sciences.

Adhlakha also served on the executive board of NetSAP DC, a network of Asian professionals that share personal and cultural interests with each other through activities such as community events, book clubs, and regular networking meet-ups. Today, more than ever, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities (AAPI) are facing unprecedented challenges, so checking in and supporting his peer community is an important part of his life.

Mr. Adhlakha also co-founded an Indian biomedical professionals group to provide a vital forum for colleagues in the life science industries. Not only does the group keep members informed of trending developments in safe and effective healthcare technology, they also work to encourage and foster research and development efforts spearheaded by Indian professionals.

Personal Accomplishments and Interests

Health and wellness are an important part of Mr. Adhlakha's lifestyle. Vipin Adhlakha has been running marathons and races his entire adult life. In 2012, Vipin started doing triathlons, which is a multisport race that involves swimming, cycling, and running across long distances. Triathlons not only test the athlete's cardio performance but also require the right combination of muscle mass and mental stamina. Triathlons are the perfect test of all-around physical and mental fitness.

Adhlakha has also been in several half Iron Man competitions where he must complete a 1.2 mile (1.9K) swim, bike 56 miles (90K), and run 13.1 miles (21.1K). To finish these competitions, Vipin carefully strategizes his nutrition and training to obtain optimum physical performance.